At DSHwood, sustainability has three legs: social, environmental and economic sustainability

“Finding the highest possible level of environmental, social and economic sustainability is how we keep the forest intact, and thereby secure the supply of wood material for our future generations.”

– Rasmus Grønborg Bak, CEO

We are happy to represent a sector where sustainability is at the core of our work.
So what does “sustainable forestry” actually mean?

At DSHwood, sustainability has three legs: social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

On a global scale, sustainable use of our forests is still not a reality. Each year we lose 32 million acres (13 million hectares), 26 times the size of the Grand Canyon, or 60 acres per minute. To regenerate the resources we are already consuming, we would need one and a half Earths; and our demand is still growing. No matter how you slice it, the math just does not add up. Our current consumption levels cannot be sustained if we continue at the current levels.

How can logging then be sustainable when, by definition, it requires trees to be cut down? The complete answer is complex, but if we had to reduce it to one word, it would be “balance.” The hallmark of sustainable forestry, from a purely ecological perspective, is the extent to which forestry practices mimic natural patterns of disturbance and regeneration. Sustainable forestry balances the needs of the environment, wildlife, and forest communities — supporting decent incomes while conserving our forests for future generations.

There are many practical steps that a community or business can take to protect the health and longevity of a forest while still profiting from the production and sale of timber.

And this is exactly how we work at DSHwood. We supply to a variety of markets with logs and timber responsibly sourced for sustainability, achieving up to 14 (out of 17) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with endurance of full traceability. We have rigorous demands for legal sourcing in our supply chains and forest operations in compliance with EUTR and UKTR requirements.

In 2021 we founded the new subsidiary “Dansk Skovcertificering ApS” together with the Danish Estate Managing company “Verner Lauritsen Holding ApS”. The sole purpose of Dansk Skovcertificering ApS is to work with certification of forests.

Denmark has a long history of sustainable management of forests that presumes a lasting production of wood. The variable interests that are tied to the forests, has entailed a need to secure a sustainable forest management system through voluntary PEFC certification. With PEFC certification the forest owners say “yes” to manage their forest according to the guidelines described in “PEFC Danmarks skovstandard” and the forest owners must formulate a policy and a goal for sustainable forestry.

We hereby secure that DSHwood continues to play an active role in securing sustainable forest products from the Danish forests.


Social sustainability is our proactive way of managing and identifying business impacts on employees, workers in the value chain, customers, and local communities. We recognize the significance of our relationships with people, communities, and society. We thereby ensure that all our products hold the highest degree of social sustainability.


We take pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability, as we and our suppliers maintain and conserve the ecosystem services and environmental values of the forests we source from. We have particular focus on maintaining High Conservation Values such as; Species diversity, Landscape level ecosystems and mosaics, Ecosystems and habitats, Critical ecosystem services, Community needs and, Cultural values.


With a wide range of suppliers and customers all over the world, we ensure that all customer requests are met directly in the forest. We, thereby optimize the value for both suppliers and customers to make sure that our products are sold in high demand markets. This is our way of ensuring stable economic sustainability.


DSHwood is Chain of Custody certified in accordance with FSC® and PEFC™.
DSHwood is able to document the origin of all wood traded in the company. DSHwood A/S is an SBP Certificate Holder and the majority of our biomass comes with an SBP claim and is accompanied by verified energy data for DSHwood handling in the supply chain, which allows carbon emission calculations to be made.

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