About Us


DSHwood is a dedicated wood trading company dealing in logs, lumber and woodchips from European forests. While we do not own any of the forests, industry or equipment, we manage the entire trade process from harvest to end-user supply, buying directly from our suppliers and selling directly to the end-users.

We supply significant volumes of high-quality softwood and hardwood to major markets across the globe. Our sales organisation is well-equipped to take advantage of fluctuations in different markets to the benefit of our customers. A successful collaboration with a number of sawmills and traders in all regions enables us to trade logs, lumber and biomass.

DSHwood originated in 1967 as a trading office of the Danish Forest Association, the trade organisation of private forest owners, to develop export opportunities for Danish wood. In 2000, DSHwood became an independent subsidiary of the Danish Forest Association.

We believe that a stable, long-term relationship is critical to keeping up a secure supply through the value chain. We are well integrated in the European forestry and wood business and represented by our own staff in all sales markets all over the world.

Economies of scale make us the most efficient in all aspects of purchase through logistics and sales, enabling us to meet all our customers’ requirements.

Therefore, DSHwood focuses on long-term relations with both customers and suppliers, relying on building a relationship of trust.

Our Values


We use our know-how and knowledge about the specifics of the wood products supply chain to provide our clients with timely solutions to all their requirements.

Trust and loyalty form the foundation of our business dealings with all our suppliers and customers.

Our relationships are forged on the foundation of clear and open communication, through transparency in all dealings with our suppliers and customers.

Our products are always of the good quality – we offer a stable supply of top-quality products to meet our customers’ requirements on time.

Our operations are optimised by lean working procedures that save time and money – a benefit that we pass on to our partners.

Our credit worthiness and payment security are the most crucial parameters & key to building long-term relationships with our partners

Message From The CEO, DSHwood

Rasmus Grønborg Bak

Without forests we cannot survive. Forests breathe from the Earth by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen. They store the carbon, and help to regulate climate, absorbing nearly 40 per cent of the fossil-fuel emissions we humans produce.
Forests also provide fuel for cooking and warmth, medicinal plants, food, wildlife habitat, clean water, spiritual and cultural touchstones, and for many, the means to earn a living.
Managed responsibly, forest products like wood can be taken out and value from them can be added – all without disturbing the forests themselves.
This is why we at DSHwood only trade in wood-related products, either from certified forests or with a traceability being sourced from legal sources.
We call it Sustainable Forestry!
Our Management



DSHwood A/S (Denmark) established

DSHwood GmbH (Germany) established

DSHwood Impex (India) established

DSHwood UK Limited (United Kingdom) established

DSHwood France SAS established


Global presence

We are a truly international company. DSHwood is headquartered in Fridericia, Denmark, not far from our main purchasing markets. Additionally, we have expanded to other countries to source a consistent supply of logs. Currently, we have companies in Denmark (DSHwood A/S and Dansk Skovcertificering ApS), Germany (DSHwood GmbH), France (DSHwood France SAS), UK (DSHwood UK Limited), India (DSHwood Impex Private Limited).

Our wood is traded in a variety of markets, mostly in Europe and Asia. In Europe, our main markets are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic countries. In Asia, we trade in China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

With over 50 years’ experience in trading wood globally, we have extensive expertise in importing and exporting round logs and can deliver our logs and lumber to most seaports of the world.


Serving customers across the world for more than five decades


A wide portfolio of softwood, hardwood and biomass products


Clients/partners spread across 40+ countries


Across seven countries.